Youth and beauty of the woman

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Now you can stay young, beautiful, active and healthy together with «Antiage»!
Antiage complex includes:
Vitamins C, Е, В9, beta carotin, zinc, selenium, copper, chrome, amber acid, lemon acid, carnation, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg.

Preparation action consists in powerful antioxidant action, aimed on organism support, protection against stresses and weariness. The preparation restores normal metabolism, improves processes of regeneration in skin cells and accelerates results of rejuvenating cosmetology means. Considerable quantity of vitamins gives your organism vivacity and vital energy, improves hair, nails and a skin, protecting it from influence of the free radicals, causing processes of ageing.
Result: improvement of skin, appreciable rejuvenating effect, increase of vital energy and tone, health strengthening, normalization of exchange processes, saturation with vital elements.

Way of application: 1 capsule 2 times a day during meal within 1-2 months.

Volume: 40 capsules

The country-manufacturer: Russia.

Coty Inc. is opening offices in Russia

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On July, 9th 2009, company Coty Inc., the leader of the world cosmetic industry, has declared about opening of the affiliated company in Russia. Russian representation will be located in Moscow. Its opening is the strategic step directed on maintenance of the direct internal marketing control over Coty’s production in Russia.
Steady success of the Russian industry of cosmetic and hygienic production, has made company’s activity profitable, bringing it almost 8 billion US dollars of profit. Russia is also the country with key emerging market and a priority direction for Coty’s expansion.
Before opening of the Russian representation Coty’s production was on sale in Russia through various partners-distributors.
Opening of the Russian representation of company Coty will give it competitive advantage of presence in the market, allowing to raise sales and to adjust business relations, and also to strengthen presence in the global market of cosmetic production.
Russian Coty team will pay special attention already available communications, and also will adjust new partner relations with distributors in Russia and in the related markets, for the purpose of granting high-quality production.

Leporsky Esthetique - first cosmetics shop for men in Moscow

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Leprosy Esthetique - is the first shop in Russia, created for man’s skin and hair care. Leporsky Esthetique  prove that man should feel, first, that their needs and requirements find complete support, secondly, spend their time as much as possible effectively , thirdly, keep self-respect. Psychologists prove that men cannot spend much time in usual shop, and Internet shop Leporsky Esthetique will allow to choose goods conveniently and easily.
Leporsky Esthetique offers to take advantage of the catalogue, arranged according to the thematic principle, and to find means, which are not present even in female cosmetics, for example, invisible voice-frequency cream or powder.
It is possible to choose a concrete problem from which the buyer is going to struggle, whether be it a problem skin, age changes or something else. Finally, it is possible to choose cosmetics under the name. Already today the shop offers cosmetics of the best world trade marks - Biotherm, Dior Systems, Comfort Zone, Payot, Matis, Sharps, Clarins, Clinique, Sheisedo, Recipe for Men and many others.
Delivery service is on more of Leporsky Esthetique’s advantages. Leporsky Esthetique offers high quality service and unique approach to each client. Goods, ordered in Internet shop, are delivered free of charge across Moscow on the next day, and with the minimum payment across Russia. Besides, nice gifts are offered to all clients.
The company plans to open offline retail shops for those buyers who will want to choose cosmetic means by means of the doctor-cosmetician or to do shopping in quiet conditions - behind a glass of champagne in the pleasant company.

Fresh Extreme by Rowenta

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During far times of royal favorites, in aspiration to be the most desired for His Majesty, girls spent hours per the companies of the servants. Epilation is one of the longest and the most unpleasant beauty procedures. Smooth and gentle skin is a dream of each lady.
Instead of doubtful broths, which were used several centuries ago, today ladies have a wide choice of hair removal procedures: wax, the laser and many other things.
Nobody would deny that beauty demands victims. But nevertheless we dream of gentle touch, which will make our skin ideally smooth and silky. Is it really just a dream?
Company Rowenta represents epilator Fresh Extreme EP8430 from an exclusive collection “Golden Age”. With it epilation becomes painless, and the result will surpass all your expectations.
The secret of work of the new device relies in unique system of anesthesia with cool air Fresh Extreme, which allows concentrating even more powerful stream of cool air in epilation zone. Therefore anesthesia occurs instantly! Epilator Fresh Extreme EP8430 makes epilation improbably effective and absolutely painless.
Besides, use of the new epilator Fresh Extreme EP8430 does not require any additional preparation. You do not need to cool preliminary the anaesthetizing nozzle; the new epilator is always ready for work!
Bikini-trimmer Rowenta will make epilation in delicate zones painless and allow you to create a desirable contour of bikini zone.

Sebastian Craft Clay - modeling clay with matte shine

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Craft Clay from Sebastian - is an ideal tool for creative ideas.
Stylists are unanimous in opinion: today fashionable hair look matte. That is why the new product from Sebastian is to become the hottest hair care novelty. Stylish limited edition packing is created by fashionable American designer Matthew Ernest, and its contents are above any praises! The product is let out by the limited series so you should hurry up - the exclusive product is in high demand.
Natural modeling clay with matte shine is created especially for a styling of short and average length hair. Craft Clay from Sebastian will allow you to allocate accurate locks and to generate the most actual image of the season. Strong, but mobile fixing allows your hair to remain absolutely natural, and matte shine gives special charm to your hair.
Are you thinking about new hairdress? You can do it at any moment!
Take a small amount of clay and warm it up in palms and put on hair. Form sculptural locks and fix hair in a radical zone in order to get more volume structure.
SEBASTIAN hair styling products are the standard of sensual luxury. Therefore SEBASTIAN stylists have got used to work with stars of world size. The history of the brand, which has begun with a name of Barbra Streisand includes persons of the Norwegian royal house and “A-ha” stars.

WALNUTS: humidifying effect

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Walnuts contain lot of vitamin E, and it hardly probable not the best means against free radicals, highly active molecules, which destroy skin cages. Walnuts contain a lot of fats, they perfectly feed and humidify skin and support its elasticity.
You can replace walnuts with oil of wheaten seeds, vegetable oils (sunflower, cotton, and corn), almonds, peanut, green sheet vegetables.
Way of use
Eat 100 grams of walnuts or filbert three times a week.
Simple recipe
Make salad of mash-salad with kernels of walnuts and smoked fillet of duck.

AVOCADO: gentle skin and silky hair

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The pulp of a mature fruit on 30 % consists of vegetative fats (including contains oleinic acid), which feed and restore cages of fabrics. Avocado will help to forget about dryness of skin and to return shine to the hair.
Vegetative fats can be replaced with medical borage, sunflower seeds, olives and рапсе.
Way of use
It is recommended to eat 1 avocado two times a week, in the winter - three times a week (if you don’t have problems with excess weight). You should also add it into salads.
Simple recipe
Mash avocado, add juice of lemon, olive oil and Mexican spices.

Cruise collection by Karl Lagerfeld

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World-known couturier Karl Lagerfeld has for a long time chosen  the most unusual scenery for  cruise collections for Fashion house Chanel: from plane hangar to the two-storied bus.
New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Monte-Carlo… romantic atmosphere of old Venice became a place of carrying out next cruise show. Poetic mood of cruise collection was arranged at Excelsior Hotel’s beach - now it has for a short period of time turned into the improvised podium.
Models in the hairdresses are clearly reminding an epoch of the thirtieth years. Show promises to be bright and smart at the same time.
Cruise theme has embodied in several initial dresses - wide-brimmed summer hats, “sea” mini-dresses of cream shade with black strips, summer shoes on pith platform. it has become reflexion of Karl Lagerfeld’s previous cruise collections. However, the new collection, certainly, became one of the best creations of the couturier -  trace from a provocative rock’n'roll glamour of last cruise collections, only elegant feminity of retro style embodied in refined maxi-dresses of vintage cut, shiffons summer dresses with flower print and suits, which have reminded of the first creations of legendary Coco.
Smart symbols of Venice dominated in collection - beginning from the dark sun glasses, reminding traditional Venetian masks, to dresses from golden brocade, lace and llama.

Dry damaged hair care

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Gliss Kur by Shwartzkopf and Henkel
Company Shwartzkopf and Henkel has updated series Gliss Kur for damaged hair. The new complex Endocellular Restoration is capable to get in hair cages.
Set Absolute Care Total -Repair 19 -  mask + warming hat Gliss Kur by Schwartzkopf is intended for intensive hair repair. Mask should be put on damp pure hair and kept within 20 minutes. Then it should be washed off by water. The thermo-influence principle is used - the warming effect of a hat allows masks nutrients to get deeply into structure of hair.

Oil Nutritive Gliss Kur
Oil Nutritive reduces damages, restoring structure of each hair, and warns them. Simply spray it on hair before going to bed.

LOREAL Vive Pro Nutri Gloss
This shampoo is developed specially for dry hair. Due to the special formula it intensively and softly looks after the damaged structure of hair.  complex includes pearl proteins, which fills dry dim hair with vital force and shine. Besides, conditioner LOREAL Vive Pro Nutri Gloss allows to comb hair easily.

Restoring mask LUSH H’Suan Wen Hua
Motto Lush - is a hand-made organic cosmetics. Manufacturers assert, that they practically do not use preservatives and when it is possible, combine organic components to keep freshness of a product.

Palm-oil Huile Palme from LEONOR GREYL
Oil is intended for restoring treatment of the dry hair, damaged by colouring and hair decolouration. It feeds, strengthens, softens hair, adds shine and makes hair more attractive.

PHYTODESS Hair Mask With Honey for Damaged Hair
Special means from series PHYTODESS Science nature should be applied by a course or daily, filled with essence and vitamins, adding shine to hair and vital force.

Four ways to become younger

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1. Mesotherapy. By means of a thin needle preparations, which some time will feed cages with biologically active substances, helping to develop collagen, are entered under the skin. Walls of capillaries also become stronger and elasticity of a skin rises.
2. Phototherapy. Light, which device submits on a skin, gets to superficial and deep layers, speeding up work of cages. Exchange processes and biochemical reactions are accelerated; collagen and elastin development is stimulated. This method operates quickly and without serious consequences
3. Laser peeling. The light stream of laser causes reduction of collagen fibres that raises skin elasticity. In places of influence by the laser collagen development increases and wrinkles become less appreciable.
4. Chemical peeling. The top layer of epidermis is “removed” by means of acids, stimulating cellular updating. Such peeling can be superficial, average and deep. More often the structure of means for carrying out of a chemical peeling includes phenol. Chemical peeling helps to struggle with hyper pigmentation; it is highly effective at superficial wrinkles.

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